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About MDC

Hey All Ya’ll!

I’m A…yes like the letter.  My parents gifted me with the beautiful yet unusual name of Ailene (a-lean) which I LOVE.  However, I spent four years of high school with a teacher who always managed to fluctuate between Eileen and Uhlene…and after having to explain that, no, its not Amy or Hailey in hundreds of introductions I finally just learned to respond to anything ending with an -ene sound.  It was the first day of my beef internship when one of the full time employees looked at me and said, “How about we just call you A?”  And wouldn’t you know, it stuck!

I grew up in a suburb of Detroit, MI, the 3rd (and some years 1st or 2nd) most dangerous city in the US.  My house was ten feet from the one next to it, and our backyard wasn’t even close to a half a football field long no less wide.  Now, how does this city girl who will always call The-D, as those who have lived there so lovingly call it, home end up writing a blog about agriculture?

Like almost every life story my, albeit short tale, is an unusual one.

At the age of two, seemingly out of nowhere I developed an intense obsession with horses which my parents fervently prayed I would grow out of as many young girls do.  Fortunately for me and unfortunately for my parents’ wallets I still haven’t.

During the years of driving to riding lessons and horse books, growing up somehow happened.  Soon enough it was time to apply to colleges and though my heart sought a profession in horses my logic and physics teacher knew I would be an excellent engineer.  Off I went to the University of Minnesota to study Aeronautical Engineering.  Sounds like rocket science…and that’s mostly because it is.  All it took was one semester for me to realize I had no desire to be an engineer.

Again I let myself get suckered into doing the “smart” thing and became a Pre-Veterinary major.  For once I loved my courses and looked forward to what new things I could learn next.  Anyone who has taken an Organic Chemistry course knows its notorious reputation and when it came time to register for it I spoke to a few friends first.

I may not have thanked those people for their invaluable advice but they saved me.  Saved me from O-Chem but even more so from spending lots of money on vet school.  What those friends help me realize is I love having a connection.  That connection between land and animals.  I also like getting up to check animals at 2am alot more when they are mine not someone else’s.

So here I am ending my college career and beginning my career in agriculture, in beef production, in food production.  Growing up and beginning my own “grown up” story.  I’m sayin’ adios to snowy Minnesota and heading out to the plains of Nebraska.

If you would have asked me about blogging before I would have told you that “I never would,” but the passion I’ve found in agriculture and its community have left me dying to share my journey, my life, and of course the antics of my silly black dog!

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