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The Niners Toothbrush

February 4, 2013

About six months ago a guy I had been seeing told me he wanted to talk about some things with me. Now, I’m a worrier. Especially if I think I may have hurt someone I care about. So until the time we talked I worried and to top it off was sicker than a dog. Needless to say I was not a happy camper.

After this dreaded talk we decided to each go our own ways. But after all that I still remember my initial concern was a toothbrush at his place that I wanted back. I held his San Francisco 49ers toothbrush hostage til I got my boring old one back. When I was younger I never would have guessed grown up “breakups” would come down to toothbrush swaps.

I was upset for a while after and I still have a few friends that would rather kill said guy than speak to him but since then my life has been filled with wonderful times, friends and learning experiences.  I don’t think back on what we had with regret, in fact I rarely think of it at all.

This weekend the toothbrush incident popped into my head as the 49ers got their butts beat in the Super Bowl.  I smiled thinking of how caught up in the moment we, humans,  can get and how funny life is sometimes.  All in all I got my toothbrush and my heart back.  My toothbrush has since been retired as Aunt Diane and Uncle Dick (my dentists and wonderful relatives) would be happy to hear.  My heart on the other hand is stronger than ever and as always getting me into more trouble than this girl can usually handle.


Until next time…

“Talk low, talk slow, and don’t say too much.” -John Wayne

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