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I’m Back…

March 18, 2012

Go ahead and read that in your best Independence Day-Randy Quaid voice.  I know you did it…I did it too.

Sorry it had to be done.  Moving on…

A lot has changed in the months since I last posted.  I have a new job for instance and it involves food and animals.  Mostly food animals and in that way is right up my alley.  I run a small meat locker in rural Colorado!  Get this:  I get a discount on steak.  Nothing warms my ice cold heart more than great food on sale.

I had two roommates in my little ranch house for a while.  S has her own place now in town and is working full time at Cabela’s doing graphic design.  My ex-fiance has moved back home and is well on his way to being the auctioneer he has always wanted to be.  I cannot be happier for either of them.  They are both well on their way achieving all their goals!

I have a horse that is my very own…bought and paid for by yours truly.  She’s a bit of a project but as the days gets longer and longer the more time I have to spend with her.

I’ve put together a 101 in 1001 list which I’ll post soon!

I’m happy to be back and cannot wait to share some house decorating projects, meat facts, and life in general.

The little black dog is naughty as ever and making me crazy.

Much Love!


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