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The Face of Dedication

June 20, 2011

Fathers day was yesterday and as any dutiful daughter does I called my Dad to wish him a very happy Fathers’ Day…or is it Father’s Day?  Since I only have one I think that makes it Father’s Day for me….I don’t know!  Dang apostrophes!

“This is what the ants do with their antennas when they’re warning the other ants and they say “SEND THE ALARM”!”

Sorry…focusing. Moving on…my dad and I aren’t very sentimental…I didn’t say “Dad, I appreciate you,” although I do.  Or “I am so happy you taught me to be caring and upstanding,” although he did.  Instead we talked about how I fixed my stove when the pilot light went out, and the broken windows in my house from the hail storm, or the possibility my new little house might flood if the rain keeps up.

“What’s new with you I ask him?”  “Oh you know, same old, same old. When are you getting your new floor put in?” he asks.

Always about me…always.  It was about me when he spent 4 hours of his Saturdays taking me to horseback riding lessons. And all those times he let us “help” in the garden, even when we pulled plants, not weeds, and stepped in all the wrong places.  And all the times he was there in the bleachers to watch me compete or sing, that wasn’t for his own enjoyment.  Or when my sister and I went to Art Start at the Detroit Institute of Arts as kids…okay well that was a little about him…but mostly about us being well rounded.

There is so much I could say about my dad and so much I am sure I will say someday…I mean I am a blogger now I guess.  But the one thing that sticks out the most is his selflessness.  He could have pursued his art but he chose instead to provide for his family in a way that has allowed me to succeed as a person, student, and career-woman.

Now there are things I know I got from my dad, for example, his wrinkly forehead when I worry, his hair color…although hopefully minus all the grey, my bowed legs…see photographic evidence below.

But what I hope I really have gotten from him is his selflessness.  His sense of passion for art, music, and the beautiful wilderness God created.  His love for history and knowledge.  A devotion to his family and his children.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!  I love you and miss you!

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