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Terrific/Terrible Tuesday

June 14, 2011

So since tonight is #agchat night I am pumped to post but time constrained so here is a list….one because I am a perfectionist and lists help me taste perfection more often than not and two because they are quick!


1. : Awesome resource for consumers and farmers/ranchers alike!  Especially check out the archives from our wonderful Mom panel.

2. My garden is 90% planted and the soak hose is set up…and the boss’s kids are more excited to do it than me…which can only mean less weeding for me…hoooray.

3. Cattle grazing make my day!


1. My living room still isn’t totally painted…I am going to do it as soon as I finish this post…I promise…ugh.  Pictures when I’m done otherwise its too embarrassing.

2. The clean laundry pile is WAY bigger than the dirty one…and for this there is no excuse.  Where is mom to do laundry for me when I need her?

3.Ok so this one is terribly awesome….I’m optimistic today…you’ll just have to deal with it.  Oakley, aka the Queen of Naughtiness, aka my dog.  Seems to  be getting accustomed to ranch life where people come and go.  The barking has decreased immensely which only leads to me being a nicer and more sane person!

Until next time…I’ll be painting.

Keep livin’ the good life!


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